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The Netherlands has a long tradition in international trade. There is a sophisticated network of trade supporting industries and an internationally oriented regulatory environment. The Netherlands is an attractive place for multinational operating corporations, thanks to an extensive network of tax treaties, the participation exemption and, most important, a stable and reliable fiscal climate with adequate supervision. The Dutch trust industry provides multinational operating companies with an infrastructure for international financial and fiscal planning, in which the Netherlands is of crucial importance.

Being centrally located and having the best established network of treaties in the world is an obvious choice for many entrepreneurs, medium sized companies and major corporate institutions. Mutual Trust provides the expertise in order to set up the holding, royalty and finance structures preferred by the international client, as well as any other forms of corporate structures that may be required.

We are accustomed to working with the chosen professional advisors of our clients to provide structures tailored to their own particular circumstances.

Our corporate clients have realised that, whenever they cross an international border for business purposes they create an opportunity through the treaty network of the Netherlands to create an opportunity to achieve tax advantages by structuring their new activity properly. The Netherlands is fiscally attractive to establish an intermediary holding, finance- or royalty company because of:

  • The participation exemption (CIT) regarding dividend and capital gains from qualifying subsidiaries;
  • Absence of capital tax since 2006;
  • Absence of interest and royalty- withholding tax;
  • Absence of dividend withholding tax upon profit distributions by Dutch Coop holding company to its foreign members in active investment structures;
  • More than 80 tax treaties with relatively low dividend- and interest/royalty- withholding taxes;
  • Use of EC Parent Subsidiary Directive and EC interest- and Royalty Directive;
  • Advance tax ruling policies;
  • Flexible corporate law system;
  • Political and economic stability.

Our corporate formation and administration services meet the requirements of our clients efficiently and economically. Together with the major international tax advisors we are able to meet the specific needs of the individual client.

Mutual Trust Netherlands offers the following trust services to their clients:

  1. Domiciliation : the provision of an address in the Netherlands;
  2. Management & Directors Services: we manage and provide corporate directors on behalf of the client;
  3. Administrative Services: bookkeeping, administrative, tax and accounting services.

We are an independent company, however we do have extremely good connections with the well known (international) audit and taxes firms such as BDO and Crowe Horwath along with the smaller independents.