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Switzerland's history as the bastion for private wealth began with the persecution of the Hugenots and the storing of wealth in Swiss private banks. Over subsequent centuries, political upheavals and other uncertainties in many parts of the world saw the growth of private wealth held in Switzerland increase to become the largest pool of capital outside the United States.

Switzerland's favourable tax regime and geographical location encouraged international companies to base their global or international headquarters in Switzerland. In addition, high net worth people have chosen Switzerland as their adopted home because of the security, political stability and opportunity to negotiate a fixed taxation arrangement.

Mutual Trust's founding family was the first significant international business to move their head office to Switzerland in 1916.

Swiss companies are recognised and accepted globally for trading and holding purposes and are not regarded as offshore. Switzerland is an ideal country to base financial companies including market making, investment management and other financial services.

In addition Switzerland has a network of favourable tax treaties for corporate planning purposes.

We form and administer Swiss companies and assist businesses and people to establish and move to Switzerland.